Oilatum Daily Junior Cleansers Range and Skincare Kit

Nothing beats the feeling of babysoft skin, I remember so well with each of my Beans stroking their tiny feet, legs and hands whilst breastfeeding, marvelling at how perfect their skin felt. Bit of an odd one, but I particularly loved their little little feet and knees because they hadn’t yet been toughened up from crawling or walking.

Unfortunately as with many things in life, things get tainted and spoilt, the rough patches on the knees and feet began the moment they began to crawl and little scaly patches would appear on their legs and tummies. At the time I didn’t understand why they would get such dry, scaly skin as this was nothing which either Hubby or myself had ever suffered from but I would later discover that it was all thanks to the lovely warm home we were providing for our Beans. I have been learning quite a lot about air humidity and the negative effects it can have on our health and our skin. During the Winter months when there is less moisture in the air naturally we suffer the effects of dehydration being outdoors (chapped lips anyone?) and then we go indoors, crank up the heating and we heat up the dry air making it even drier and so the vicious cycle begins. Without lots of moisture skin becomes dry, cracked and scaly so we need to take care of ourselves and more particularly our little people.

This is where Oilatum Daily Junior Cleansing range comes to the rescue. I have told you previously how much we loved the Oilatum Daily Junior lotion, well now we have been lucky enough to trial the cleansing range too and what better time of year to be testing it than through the harsh Winter months?!


The Range

Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam – what better way to care for delicate skin than whilst they are having a splashing time with all their favourite toys in the bath.

Oilatum Daily Junior Head to Toe Wash and Oilatum Daily Junior Shampoo – keeping young skin soft and clean is an easy task with these on hand. They are soap-free and kind to eyes so there will be no tears at bathtime. The shampoo contains a gentle conditioner which means no more tangles and tantrums!

Why use Oilatum?

The Oilatum Daily Juniors range is free from ingredients which are prone to causing irritations to dry skin such as sodium lauryl sulfate. The new range has been developed to compliment the natural moisture barrier and prevent further dryness. It is so gentle it can be used every day, from birth! The range works by leaving a thin layer of mineral oil on the surface of the skin which seals in moisture and improves skin hydration. It is colour-free and pH balanced to provide gentle protection for young skin.

Finish off bathtime with a soothing massage using Oilatum Daily Junior Moisturising Lotion and you’ll have a perfectly moisturised, chilled out, happy baby who smells divine!!


What we thought . . .

We have been using the Oilatum Daily Junior Cleansing range for a little over a month now and it hasn’t let us down. Oilatum is a name we trust, it was a brand we bought ourselves since Curly was young and suffering with dry skin. It was recommended to us and it has been serving us well ever since. The new cleansing range is great because our Beans like to be bathed regularly and with other products we found that this was too much but with Oilatum we have happy children with happy skin and you can’t ask for better than that.

Where to buy . . .

The Oilatum Daily Junior range is available in Boots, Tesco, Asda, Lloyds and independent pharmacies.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the above box of Cleansing and Skincase products for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my opinion.

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