#kidsinthekitchen Activities – Week 4

Well this is your last installment of #kidsinthekitchen activities so I hope you have enjoyed them? Have you managed to do all of them? I’d love to know what you think? Oooh we do lots of baking so I definitely think this is something we can try. Little Bean and Beanie Boy have both actually … Read more

#kidsinthekitchen Activities – Week 3

Are you hanging in there, you’re nearly half way through the holidays already. How many of last week’s #kidsinthekitchen activities did you manage to do? Here’s a few more for this week . . . I think this will have to be an activity for when Jelly Bean is in bed or he will be … Read more

Fed up with soggy sandwiches??

Fed up with soggy sandwiches?? 2

I hated having a packed lunch when i was at school, everything just seemed warm and squashed and not how food should be. Recently Little Bean has been complaining that her sandwiches weren’t nice. When i asked her why she would say “they keep getting wet!”. That was when i realised there was a problem … Read more

Easter Making, Baking and Crafts

Easter Making, Baking and Crafts 3

I love nothing better than spending an afternoon crafting with the tiddlers. I have always had a passion for crafting myself so I’m over the moon that they enjoy it too. I particularly love doing crafts for Easter because they usually involve chocolate and it’s an opportunity to get lots of lovely pastel spring colours … Read more