Don’t shy away from Messy Play, Persil have got you covered!


I know so many parents who cringe at the thought of allowing their children to do messy play at home. Some have even said to me that they leave messy play to the childminder/preschool/school because they don’t like all the mess and they worry about the children’s clothes being ruined but we LOVE messy play … Read more

The Persil #KidsToday Project – looking at life through a child’s eyes


Have you ever stopped to think about what life must be like for your children? I mean, actually looking at life through their eyes? I have, it’s something I think about often. It’s the reason I will often carry my children when walking in busy places because I think it must be very daunting for … Read more

Win a year’s supply of laundry care with Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure

Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure have developed a new tool with the help of the British Skin Foundation and a leading paediatric dermatologist aimed at educating Mums on the importance of skincare in pregnancy and for their newborn baby. A recent survey carried out indicated that skincare was one issue on the minds of expectant … Read more