#kidsinthekitchen Activities – Week 4

Well this is your last installment of #kidsinthekitchen activities so I hope you have enjoyed them? Have you managed to do all of them? I’d love to know what you think?


Oooh we do lots of baking so I definitely think this is something we can try. Little Bean and Beanie Boy have both actually done this at school already so they can probably teach me how to do it.


I’m pleased to say that Little Bean and Beanie Boy are great at helping with the washing up and do this regularly, especially since our dishwasher broke!


I’m really looking forward to doing this task, especially the eating the marshmallows at the end!! This is such a simple activity that I hadn’t thought about it at all and sometimes the simplest games are the most fun.


I remember one summer with Curly he disappeared into the garden and was very quiet. When I ventured outside to see what he was doing he had raided the recycling bin and was in the process of not just creating a junk model but he was planning a whole junk city. It took him ages but he had so much fun and I had a quiet afternoon!



We shall have fun doing this one and will definitely put on a puppet show although I might have to count the spoons as Daddy has already had his eye on stealing one from the box to put in his kitchen drawers!

As always, don’t forget to tell me what you think? Have you enjoyed doing any of the #kidsinthekitchen activities?

DISCLAIMER: We received the above pictured items for the purpose of this post and to help me (and you) entertain the children over the summer holidays.

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