Back to School name labels are a breeze with Petit-Fernand

Iron-on Labels

When you are a parent to three school-age children there’s a lot of school uniform to get prepared for going ‘back to school’. I remember as a child watching my Mum patiently sewing name labels into my uniform (and hating them because they annoyed my skin where they touched). As I became a Mum myself … Read more

#BacktoSchool is a breeze with John Lewis school uniform fitting service

John Lewis

The school’s haven’t even broken up yet for the Summer and I have already started getting school uniform ready for #BacktoSchool. I don’t know about you, but I always find that 6 weeks sounds like a long time until the holidays start and then they are over in the blink of an eye. If I … Read more

Help your children to continue learning at home with Education Quizzes

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School is a learning curve for parents too Having children at school has been quite a steep learning curve. It starts with the simple things like counting from 1-20 and days of the week, but even things as simple as learning their A, B, C’s is very different to when we learnt at school. These … Read more