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Help your children to continue learning at home with Education Quizzes

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School is a learning curve for parents too

Having children at school has been quite a steep learning curve. It starts with the simple things like counting from 1-20 and days of the week, but even things as simple as learning their A, B, C’s is very different to when we learnt at school. These days it’s all about phonics, phonemes, graphemes, digraphs and trigraphs which take a bit of getting used to. Everything is taught differently and in some cases you almost feel like you are going back to school yourself.


When Little Bean started in Reception I had a school-age child, a pre-schooler and a new baby at home so helping with learning at home could be a little stressful at times. I was trying to juggle all of them whilst getting my head around what she needed to do. Fast-forward a few years and now I have Beanie Boy at school too. We have two loads of homework to tackle, and a pre-schooler who is also eager to learn like his big sister and brother.

Online education quizzes

We are very lucky that our school pays a subscription fee for all children to access online education quizzes like these ones here. They are divided up into all stages of the curriculum from KS1, KS2, 11-Plus, KS3 and GCSE as well as all subjects within each stage. The education quizzes have been written by teachers for all children of all levels. The quizzes are fun to complete and give the children their scores straight away. It’s great for encouraging them to try again to beat their score.

Education Quizzes

The Parent Stuff

As parents we also have access to their scores to see where they might need extra help and where they are doing well. We have found them to be a great little tool to help us, to help them. Parents can subscribe to Education Quizzes for just £9.95 per month and this gives access to all the quizzes on the site. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time. It is also possible for schools to subscribe at a greatly reduced cost so if it is something you think would benefit your child then tell your school about it, it could be just what they are looking for.

We use ours on the nights when they haven’t been given homework to complete or when they dare to utter the words “I’m bored”, they were great to keep up their learning during the school holidays. The quizzes only take a few minutes each to complete so they are great for when you have a bit of time to kill or when they need practice in a specific area of their school work. You can access the quizzes on a PC or on mobile devices so they can do them when travelling provided you have access to the internet.

Finally a reason to be happy that the kids are playing on their tablets!

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