Albie’s First Day at School

Since 2008 when Lillie was born my life has revolved around being at home with my children and yesterday, it all changed. At four and a half year’s old, Albie had his first day at school and it really couldn’t have come soon enough for my littlest man.

Back to school

Too excited to wait

Unlike his big sister and brother before him, Albie started school in the afternoon, not the morning. When we dropped Lillie and Ollie off to school for their first day back in years 5 and 2, Albie was most miffed that he wasn’t joining them. He couldn’t understand why he had to wait until later in the day for his new adventures to begin.

Starting school

Our last Mummy and Albie morning

I decided to mark the occasion (and distract him for a few hours) with a trip out for breakfast. Over the last two years whilst it has been just Albie and I on school days, we have made a weekly trip out for breakfast to the destination of his choice. We are lucky to have lots of lovely places to choose from. Yesterday he chose M&S, the reason? Because it has Spencer in the name and Spencer is Thomas’ (the tank engine) friend haha. You’ve got to love his thought processes.

We arrived at M&S and he chose our ‘usual’ table in the window. This time he chose a glass of milk and a chocolate lolly, he had already eaten breakfast at home so this was just a snack. We chatted about how excited he was to be going to school and the friends that he was going to meet. He was most excited about seeing his new teacher who I think he has a bit of a crush on, she is very pretty. Over the Summer she got married, which prompted Albie to ask “who did I marry to get my name?”. This took some explaining that he wasn’t actually married and “no you can’t marry me sweetheart”.

Starting school

A surprise for Mummy

As we drove home, Albie declared “I need to go to Tesco Mummy”. Puzzled at his request I said, “why?” to which he replied, “I need to get you a surprise”. We drove to Tesco where I was instructed to walk ahead of him and he would tell me when to stop and when to go to the till to pay for my surprise. He told the lady at the till that she mustn’t show Mummy her surprise and the lady smiled sweetly giving the surprise back to him. As we went to leave the shop he said “wait I need to get it wrapped” so he took my surprise to the Customer Service desk and politely asked “please can you wrap these for my Mummy, they are a surprise”.

Once home Albie told me to wait whilst he got my present ready in the lounge and he would then call me through. When I was allowed into the lounge he sat there holding a bunch of beautiful pink roses and was singing “Happy Mummy Day to you” and gave me the biggest hug and kisses. He told me “you are my best Mummy ever in the whole wide world”. When I asked him why he wanted to buy me flowers, he said “when I go to school you will be on your own and you will be sad. You can look at your flowers and think of me and you will be happy because you know I love you”. Well what could I say to that? Obviously I cried!! My not-so-baby boy has grown up into a beautiful, thoughtful and caring big boy.

Starting school

Time to get ready

Albie couldn’t contain his excitement when it was time to get ready for school, especially when I told him that Daddy would be coming home from work to take him to school with Mummy. He quickly got himself dressed and even went to the bathroom to wet his hair like Ollie does before school.

Once dressed he stood at his bedroom window waiting to see Daddy’s car coming down the road and squealed with excitement when he finally saw him. He ran down the stairs as fast as his little legs would carry him and waited by the door to show Daddy how smart he looked.

We took a few minutes for the obligatory ‘first day of school’ photographs and then it was finally time to go!

Starting school

Settling in

When we arrived at the school gates they were locked and so we joined the many other children and their families waiting to start school. Some excited like Albie, a few apprehensively clinging to parents and others smiling with just a hint of nerves. As the gates opened Albie was in like a shot not even giving Simon and I a second glance until he arrived at the door and told us “come on”.

We hung up his PE kit and coat, he found his book bag tray and then settled down on the floor for a story with Daddy, giving me a big smile every now and then. When his teacher sang to “put the books in the box” he gave Daddy and I a big hug and kiss then went to sit with his friends. Just like that our little boy was a school boy and his new journey had begun.

Starting school

Home time

Arriving outside the classroom at home-time Albie came running out to me still with a big smile on his face which quickly turned to concern. I asked “what’s wrong?” to which he said “I didn’t get to do PE today!”. We discussed that perhaps there wasn’t time today but soon he would be doing PE like all the big boys and girls. He then went on to show me his Super Star sticker for sitting nicely during circle time and told me about some of his new friends.

Day two

This morning Albie was just as excited to be going back to school, though he didn’t understand why he had to wear a uniform and said that he would prefer to wear his own clothes. Thankfully, he listened to my reasoning and put his uniform on. Once inside school he spotted his preschool ladies so ran through to show them how grown up he looked and gave them all a hug before heading back into his classroom. He quickly grabbed his book and sat down right next to wear the teacher sits, he hasn’t taken long to work that spot out. Just like his big brother Ollie used to!

Yesterday, I didn’t cry. I was just as excited for Albie as he was. Today, once back in the comfort of my car I did have a few tears. Tears of sadness that my baby is no longer a baby and tears of happiness that I have managed to get all of my children to school age as confident and happy little people. It hasn’t always been an easy journey but I did it and I am proud of how amazing my gorgeous Beans really are.

The next chapter of our lives begins . . .

A new chapter in our lives has begun. Albie started his first day at school.

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