Well that’s rather annoying!

Today marks a significant milestone for Little Bean – the conclusion of her first half term at Primary School. And frankly, she’s exhausted. These days, tears are a common occurrence within thirty minutes of the school bell. I attribute this to the fatigue and overwhelming adjustment to her new routine. Whenever I’m asked, “How is … Read more

Help!! School is ruining my daughter!

Starting School

I’ve often heard people say it, but I never truly understood until these recent weeks. Little Bean is nearing the end of her first half-term at Primary School, and frankly, I’m concerned about the changes in her. She was once this sweet-natured, affectionate little girl – yes, with her share of tantrums, as I’ve candidly … Read more

One week until Lillie will be starting school . . .

One week until Lillie will be starting school . . . 2

Next Monday will be Lillie’s first day at Primary School and whilst I can’t guarantee that I won’t cry as I say goodbye to her, I’m feeling surprisingly good about it at the moment. My little girl is growing up so fast and she CAN’T WAIT to get to school. School Ready She is so … Read more