• Stepping Back to School with Jake Shoes

    Well that’s it then, the Summer holidays are officially over and it’s time for the Beans to get back to school ready for years 1, 3 and 6!!! This year’s Back to School has been relatively easy for me, I tend to update school uniform throughout the year because it’s available all year round in most […]

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  • Models for a day: John Lewis Kids Range

    When you’re the child of a blogger, life can be a little strange. You get asked to do all manner of odd things, test this toy, go to that event where you might bump into people you have seen on the TV, attend this premiere or like my Beans last week, take your pick of […]

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  • Crocs

    It’s a Crocs thing!

    Crocs – I’ll admit it, when they first came on the scene I swore I wouldn’t be seen in them but then Hubby and I went on our honeymoon to Venice and Sorrento and everywhere we looked people were wearing them and shops were selling them. We thought to ourselves that they must be comfortable […]

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  • New Schuhs!! 1

    New Schuhs!!

    Before Christmas we were asked if we would like to review Schuh’s children’s collection either instore or online. Initially I was going to try online as I hadn’t been shopping in Peterborough for so long and didn’t realise we actually had a Schuh shop now. So post Christmas when I dared to venture to the […]

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  • Thank Crocs for the English weather! 2

    Thank Crocs for the English weather!

    When you get given a pair of Wellies at the beginning of June you can’t help but think to yourself “it’s not really Wellington Season”. Then you give yourself a reality check and remember that you don’t live in the Med and that actually in England it never really knows from one day to the […]

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  • Little Dish Shoes

    Many of you will have already seen my competition which I ran a little while ago on behalf of Little Dish to win a pair of their shoes. Well now I’m going to tell you how great there shoes have been, Little Bean has been wearing her Little Dish shoes virtually EVERY SINGLE DAY since […]

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