• A new strategy . . .

    If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got! I don’t actually know who originally said that but its true you know. I am currently trying to find new ways of dealing with Little Bean’s behaviour as it is spiraling out of control. In the past couple of weeks […]

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  • Let the countdown begin!! 1

    Let the countdown begin!!

    As you are aware i have been having issues with Little Bean and her behaviour just recently. Today whilst at the supermarket to buy ingredients to do baking she yet again ran off and didn’t listen to me calling her. She didn’t look where she was going and nearly knocked an old lady over. I […]

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  • Feeling guilty . . . 2

    Feeling guilty . . .

    I seem to be having more bad parenting days than good just recently. Little Bean and i seem to be banging heads at every turn and it is so upsetting. I would like to stress that this hasn’t just come about since Jelly Bean arrived. It began when she started school in September. I have […]

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  • Mini-fashionistas? 3


    This morning the tiddlers disappeared into Little Bean’s bedroom and all went quiet, next I heard giggles before they came out looking like this . . . I think Little Bean will have quite a flare for fashion when she is older, she knows how to strike a pose. As for Beanie Boy I am […]

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  • Mummy in the making . . .

    There is something about watching Little Bean with her new baby brother Jelly Bean that reminds me so much of me, only i didn’t have younger siblings to mother. I did grow up very close to my cousins and although we don’t see very much of each other these days, i have happy memories of […]

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  • When the sun is shining . . . 4

    When the sun is shining . . .

    When the sun is shining I hate being stuck indoors, it seems like such a waste of a day so today after collecting Little Bean from school we made a pit stop to the park. Since Jelly Bean has arrived our days are governed by Jelly Bean’s feeds, naps and more latterly me having to […]

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