Nobody’s pushover!

Brum When Sis and I took the children to Springfields for a day out earlier today we bribed offered them the incentive to go to the soft play if they were good whilst we had a quick look around the shops. They were as good as can be expected for a 5 year old, two 3 year olds and a 1 year old trailing behind their Mummies looking at ‘boring adult stuff’ and so we stuck to our word and took them to the Playbarn.

Little Bean has never been much of a shrinking violet, I think she follows her Mummy in that way and she certainly doesn’t suffer fools gladly so it came as no surprise when I overheard her talking to an older boy who was sitting in this Brum Car Ride.

LB: “Can I have a go now please?”

Boy: “no!”

LB: “Big boys aren’t allowed on it anyway, it’s only for little girls and boys”

Boy: “where does it say that then?”

Little Bean looks around the car and points to the number plate “Just here, it says no big boys, just little girls and boys”

Boy: “No it doesn’t”

Little Bean looks around the side of the car before pointing to a metal plate on the side of the ride “Here look, it says this ride is not for big boys, only for little girls and little boys”.

At this point the boy looks over the side to see the plate but since he cannot read upside down he steps out of the car to get a better look and as he does so Little Bean jumps straight into his seat!!

Boy: “Oi!!!”

LB: giggling “made you look!”.

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