Why it’s so important to teach compassion to your kids


Bullying is nothing new. It’s practically been a staple in the school system since the advent of a school system. You’re either the bully, the bullied, or the bystander. Honestly? Human nature knows no bounds when it comes to passive and aggressive cruelty. And it’s made much worse when it’s kids being cruel since their … Read more

Breakthrough app helps prevent cyberbullying


Gallery Guardian is the first app that helps parents safeguard their children from cyberbullying by alerting them when illicit images are being shared or received on their smartphones or tablets. Gallery Guardian today announces its official launch on the Apple and Google Play Stores: the safeguarding app that helps parents keep their children safe while … Read more

Bullying hurts, it’s time to #BeKind


This morning whilst sipping my coffee and catching up on my Facebook timeline I saw a video which had been shared by a friend featuring a local school who were featured on This Morning with Holly and Phil as part of the #BeKind campaign. Now I’m not a watcher of daytime TV, I’m too busy … Read more