• When did parenting become so hard? 1

    When did parenting become so hard?

    All i have ever wanted is to be a Mum. I used to dream of being a Mum when i was a little girl and started thinking of names for my children from a young age. Incidentally, none of my children have a name that was on my list!! As i have given birth to […]

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  • One week until Lillie will be starting school . . . 2

    One week until Lillie will be starting school . . .

    Next Monday will be Lillie’s first day at Primary School and whilst I can’t guarantee that I won’t cry as I say goodbye to her, I’m feeling surprisingly good about it at the moment. My little girl is growing up so fast and she CAN’T WAIT to get to school. School Ready She is so […]

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  • Little Bean gets a big girls bed!

    For some time now I’ve been wanting to get Little Bean a proper big girls bed and when I asked her what sort of bed she wanted, she only had one proviso “one that I have to climb a ladder to go to bed”. Now as much as I would like to spend £400 on […]

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  • Our holiday in Somerset! 3

    Our holiday in Somerset!

    A few week’s ago my Mum and I took Little Bean and Beanie Boy down to Somerset for the week to stay in a caravan at Doniford Bay near Minehead. We chose to go back there this year as we went there on holiday last year and had a lovely time. Unfortunately despite this gorgeous […]

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  • A Puddle Hunting Expedition!!! 4

    A Puddle Hunting Expedition!!!

    It always happens doesn’t it, you wake up in the morning the sky looks a bit grey and you battle with your brains for the best attire for the day, finally you decide “hey it’s the middle of July – it’s summertime I SHALL wear my new flip flops” and just as you head out […]

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  • Little Bean LOVES Lego!

    When we celebrated Little Bean’s 4th Birthday last week, one of the parents commented that they had found it really difficult choosing a present for Little Bean as they know that through blogging we are very lucky to receive lots of cool toys for the children. They said that if she already had this then […]

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