The ‘pooh’ phase?

Mummy Matters People always tell you that your child is going through another ‘phase’ don’t they? Well I think Little Bean is going through the pooh phase at the moment as she seems to be obsessed with the stuff.

Thankfully she isn’t so gross that she wants to touch it or anything but she mentions it in conversations all the time, sometimes because she thinks it’s funny and sometimes because it just seems to crop up. On our walk to school we walk past a field with two horses in it and every day she will comment on how much pooh she can see in the field, sometimes she will even try to make shapes out of the pooh – “oooh look Mummy, that pooh looks like a dinosaur”.

Yesterday, she came running into my bedroom shouting, “Mummy there’s pooh on Beanie Boy’s carpet” so I ran through in a panic thinking Daddy had let one roll away from Beanie Boy’s nappy but no, it was just a small piece of lego which Beanie Boy had pinched from Curly’s bedroom.

Whenever there is a funny smell in the air when out walking or in the car, Little Bean will declare, I think there is a lot of pooh out there today Mummy. She did this in the car on the way to Wellingborough yesterday and I told her I didn’t think it smelled of pooh, it was probably just a smelly lorry or something but then she spotted some animals in a field “look Mummy over there cows, I thought it smelled of cow pooh” so I looked and said “no sweetheart they are horses” to which I got the reply “oh well, that’s it then it’s horse pooh isn’t it”.

Honestly, where does this obsession with pooh and children come from? I have tried time and time again telling her that it isn’t necessary or indeed very nice to hear little girls talking about pooh all of the time but as usual my words fall on deaf ears, so I’m clinging to the phrase that is often repeated to me “it is only a phase and this soon shall pass” well let’s hope so!

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