• Snow Leopard

    Paradise Wildlife Park Adventures

    #ad Paradise Wildlife Park is home to more than 800 beautiful animals and over 30 life-size moving dinosaurs located just outside of Broxbourne in Hertfordshire.  We were invited to spend the day there in exchange for our honest review. The Big Cats Whenever we visit a zoo, we always head to the big cats or […]

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  • Hamerton Zoo Park

    Summer Holiday fun at Hamerton Zoo Park

    Hamerton Zoo Park is located just 17 miles from Peterborough in the Cambridgeshire countryside and is easily reachable from Cambridge, Bedford,  Northampton and Lincolnshire. It’s a zoo that we have visited regularly since Will was a small child and have continued to enjoy with Lillie, Ollie and Albie. A Day of Family Fun The Summer […]

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  • Getting a pet

    5 Considerations To Make Before Getting A Pet

    Getting a pet can be the best thing you can do; it offers companionship, helps with exercise, and they really can become a true part of the family. However, there is a lot to consider before you bring your pet into your home and your life, and it’s essential that you carry out all the […]

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  • Cute puppies

    Choosing the right dog breed for you and your family

    So you have finally made the decision to bring a four-legged friend of the canine variety into your home but how do you know which dog breed is right for you? It’s not just as simple as choosing the cutest puppy, choosing a dog needs to be taken seriously with lots of consideration before you […]

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  • 3 Life Lessons That Having a Dog Can Teach Your Child

    Childhood is a time for fun and for growth, in more ways than one, but it’s also a time to learn the lessons that will come in useful throughout the child’s life. As a parent, we know that our children learn best when they don’t even know that they’re learning, and we should do all […]

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  • When Bramble met Treena Maun – Animal Healer

    I first met Treena Maun earlier this year when I joined my local 4Networking group. I instantly felt drawn to Treena and was interested to hear more about her business as an Animal Healer. Alas, on our first meeting it was not to be as my 1-2-3 meetings were already taken but a few months […]

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  • Twycross Zoo

    R-Ele Exciting Times for Twycross Zoo

    Following over twelve months of elephant-led training and meticulous planning, local conservation charity, Twycross Zoo, has successfully moved its entire herd of Asian Elephants as part of landmark initiative, Project Elephant. All four Twycross Zoo girls were chosen to become part of Project Elephant, an endangered animals breeding programme, based at Blackpool Zoo. Tara and Minbu made […]

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