Family Festival Fun . . . at home! #MakeSummer


I really do quite fancy the idea of going to a festival with the family, we always have music playing in the house and the Beans love it, we love camping and enjoying the great outdoors but for some reason we still haven’t made it. Maybe next year will be the year for us?! I’ve … Read more

#MummyMattersSummer2015 – Camping Holiday #1


After introducing the Beans to camping last year and them loving it, we booked to return to Kings Lynn Caravan and Campsite again this Summer with my Mum for a week. On the Sunday morning as we packed the cars up with our camping gear the sun was shining brightly and the temperature was rising. … Read more

#MummyMattersSummer2015 – Ayscoughee Hall and Springfields


We had hoped that we would be able to spend a lot more time with our Skegness contingent of Besties but our diaries just haven’t worked in coordination this Summer and as a result this was our only day out. During the first week of #MummyMattersSummer2015 we met up with MumtoC and the two C’s … Read more

Our #MummyMattersSummer2015 – Ferry Meadows with our besties


As our Summer Holidays are very quickly drawing to a close, I’m looking through the hundreds upon hundreds of photographs that I have taken this Summer (and yes I have a big cheesy grin on my face). In previous years I have tried (and failed) to keep on top of my blog and entertain the … Read more

Keeping kids safe online this summer!

Stay safe online

With the Summer holidays in full swing there are bound to be times that your children will be online chatting with friends, playing games against strangers and hanging out in chat rooms but how do you know that they are safe? Sadly, for all those who go online with the genuine plan of making friends … Read more

Ferry Meadows with Friends . . .

Ferry Meadows

Monday was a day of outdoor fun again with our besties. This time we hit Ferry Meadows in Peterborough equipped with our scooters and a sense of adventure. The visitor centre at Ferry Meadows gives out free bags of bird food so that the children can feed the ducks, swans and geese. The older children … Read more

Saturday is Caption Day – 25.07.15


Yesterday the Beans and I along with our friends Karin, Ella and Sammy went for a ‘planned’ picnic in the rain at Burghley House, we aren’t going to let the weather spoil our holidays. It’s just about making sure you have the right equipment and clothing. I love how expressive the Beans faces are and … Read more

Geocaching saved the day!


Our Summer holidays officially began on Wednesday at approximately 3.15pm when I collected the Beans from school. The plan had been to head to the local beer garden with a bunch of Mums from our year group but unfortunately the rain put paid to that idea so I cultivated a new plan to celebrate the … Read more