Keeping kids safe online this summer!

With the Summer holidays in full swing there are bound to be times that your children will be online chatting with friends, playing games against strangers and hanging out in chat rooms but how do you know that they are safe? Sadly, for all those who go online with the genuine plan of making friends and finding like-minded people to connect with there are the less than savoury characters lurking with the sole intention of doing damage.

AVG’s Senior Security Evangelist, Tony Anscombe, has recently written about how to stay safe online this summer. He’s put together his top tips on how to help families stay safe while booking, travelling and enjoying your holiday – thought it may be of interest!

Below is an infographic, which details tips on how to book and travel safely, if you’d like to read the full feature – you can find it on AVG Now.

Also – following this month’s Child Internet Safety Summit and AVG’s recent research findings around children’s exposure to inappropriate content online and the conflicting views of their parents.

Headline findings from the research (conducted among 2,200 UK parents) include:

–          More than a third (35%) of UK children have encountered dangers online while at home – a figure that rises to 40% among tech-savvy ‘tweens’

–          Despite this, a quarter (24%) of all parents have no plans, whatsoever, to educate their children about online risks

Stay safe online

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