• Summer Holidays 2014 - 11th to 17th August 1

    Summer Holidays 2014 – 11th to 17th August

    It’s the third week of the Summer Holidays already!! The weekend wasn’t kind to Little Bean with her chickenpox making her feel utterly miserable. She had spots in just about all the worst places imaginable and struggled to sleep because they were so sore and itchy. It’s such a horrible part of parenting not being […]

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  • #kidsinthekitchen

    #kidsinthekitchen Activities – Week 4

    Well this is your last installment of #kidsinthekitchen activities so I hope you have enjoyed them? Have you managed to do all of them? I’d love to know what you think? Oooh we do lots of baking so I definitely think this is something we can try. Little Bean and Beanie Boy have both actually […]

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  • Bed

    Summer Holidays – 4th to 10th August 2014

    The second week of our summer holidays started out pretty good and not half as stressful as I was expecting it to be but then again I made certain ‘deals’ with myself before the week began; 1. I would find activities to keep the Beans entertained so that they didn’t sit staring at a TV […]

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  • Sacrewell Farm

    Sacrewell Farm Camping – Day 5

    Have you noticed I’m missing a day’s post? That’s because I completely forgot to take any photographs on day 4. We had a busy day rushing around Lincoln and I forgot to take my camera with me. In the evening Hubby popped over to take back all the things that we wouldn’t need on our […]

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  • Aquabeads

    Aquabeads Jewel Rings

    As the summer holidays got into full swing Little Bean settled down for a morning of crafting Aquabeads style. I knew without taking these out of the box that Little Bean would love it because she is a big fan of Hama Beads but at least with Aquabeads she would be able to do the […]

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