Summer Holidays 2013 – Day 5

Summer Holidays 2013 – Day 5 1

At the moment our mornings are quite relaxing, I don’t have to get Little Bean to playscheme until 9.30am so I’m actually getting there on time BEFORE the school gates open. Now why can’t school start at 9.30am too, I work so much better for having that little extra time in the morning!! Perhaps I … Read more

Summer Holidays – Day 3

Summer Holidays – Day 3 3

When I woke up this morning I had the day ahead of me all planned out in my head and pretty much the only thing which went according to plan was Little Bean going to playscheme. I had planned on staying at home this morning and doing more housework but something has been driving me … Read more

An enjoyable Easter/half term holiday . . .

An enjoyable Easter/half term holiday . . . 4

I have been so busy during the school holidays my blog has had to take a back seat but rest assured my camera hasn’t! After the annual Easter Egg hunt around the house (where Mummy forgot where she had hidden most of the eggs!) the children were very happy with their stash and got waaaaaay … Read more

The Half-Term Rollercoaster!!

The Half-Term Rollercoaster!! 5

Last week was Little Bean’s first half-term holiday from school and boy what a week that was. We had highs, which were great and we had lows, which obviously weren’t so great! I never know whether you should go with explaining the good stuff first and then go downhill or whether it’s best to get … Read more