• Multigenerational family

    A Big Happy Family

    The Rise of Multigenerational Households Life today is not much like The Waltons, with a bevvy of mischievous but overall well-behaved kids running around barefoot outdoors, while a wise old grandmother and a grandpa with a twinkle in his eye keep watch. Few of us end our days with listening to our kids and our […]

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  • Easter Sunday

    A Happy Family Easter Sunday

    How can it be Thursday already?? This Easter weekend has been a lovely long weekend of family time, relaxation, crafts and fun but as usual it’s over all too quickly. Our Sunday started very relaxed which was very welcome bearing in mind the clocks had changed. The Beans all busied themselves doing crafts and playing […]

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  • Happy Thoughts

    Far from perfect . . .

    I’m tired. My head hurts and I feel very flat. A few nights ago I was watching You’ve Been Framed with the Beans (they LOVE You’ve Been Framed) and one of the clips made resonated with me. It was a clip of a hamster running super fast in it’s wheel and then the wheel became […]

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  • Me&Mine

    Me & Mine – March 2015

    I’m a little later than planned with this month’s Me & Mine, we had every good intention but then life kind of got in the way. This morning we decided to get out in the garden and have some fun with these little photo props which were left over from our trip to Lollibop last […]

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