• Work at home Mum

    Life as a work at home Mum

    With the Beans now back at school at I’m slowly returning to some form of routine, it’s only been three days but I’m hoping to get myself back to my ‘organised self’ that I used to pride myself on back in the day when I worked full time in an office. Whenever I updated my […]

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  • Mum and Son

    Easy ways to take time out online

    A mum’s life is a busy one and sometimes it can feel like there simply isn’t any time in the day to do everything you need, let alone have time to relax. But, as the old saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And that goes for Jill, too! Everyone […]

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  • Chickenpox

    Can Mums hibernate?

    Do you ever get that feeling? Like you just want to crawl under a big soft duvet and sleep until the world around you has restored itself to a more agreeable state? I think I’m feeling a little jaded after the Summer holidays. They were a mixed bag really, on the whole I can say […]

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  • Beanie Boy’s next stage – he’ll be driving next!

    The last time I looked Beanie Boy was my cute little three year old with a heart as big as his smile but in the last couple of months since he potty trained himself he has grown up another three years I swear it! He is now “too big for baby forks” (and by that […]

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  • A chilly day at the park . . .

    Now that Jelly Bean is that little bit older it’s nice to be able to take him to the park with Beanie Boy whilst Little Bean is at school and for him to be able to join in, instead of being stuck in the confines of the pushchair watching as Beanie Boy has fun. Last […]

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  • Sit around in my slippers all day??

    According to Katie Hopkins, I sit around in my slippers all day? Ha, yes the chance would be a fine thing!! That was the flippant remark she passed during a debate about the budget on daytime TV program This Morning. The fact that I even saw it was amazing as I don’t watch daytime TV […]

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  • Organised workspace? I used to have one of those!

    Oh those were the days, a tidy desk with trays neatly labelled ‘In’, ‘Out’ and ‘Pending’, a monitor stand, an ergonomic keyboard, a comfortable chair for me and modern stacking chairs for visitors, deep drawers to house all the essentials, not to mention the four drawer filing cabinet and double door cupboard. Yes, in the […]

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