Far from perfect . . .

Happy ThoughtsI’m tired. My head hurts and I feel very flat.

A few nights ago I was watching You’ve Been Framed with the Beans (they LOVE You’ve Been Framed) and one of the clips made resonated with me. It was a clip of a hamster running super fast in it’s wheel and then the wheel became too fast and the hamster just got carried along with it. That’s kind of how I feel, I’m always trying. Trying to be a better Mum, trying to be a good wife, trying to keep a clean(ish), tidy(ish) and welcoming home. I try to be the best stepmum that I can be, which isn’t easy since I have no role model to follow and no friends in a similar situation to talk to. I try to be a better blogger and to be the best that I can be but it’s tiring and I’m feeling a little burnt out right now.

I’ve always been pretty hard on myself and I set my expectations high which I guess means I’m always setting myself up for a fall but if you don’t aim high, how will you ever reach for the moon and the stars? I know that I am far from perfect, I don’t know anyone who IS perfect. We all make mistakes but as I explained to Little Bean earlier in the week, it’s how we deal with our mistakes that is important.

I should point out here that none of this comes from Hubby or my Mum. They are most definitely my two biggest supporters and always tell me how amazing I am, how proud of me they are and how much they appreciate what I do so why do I let what others say about me get to me? Because I care, I guess that’s the answer. My Mum raised me to be a caring, compassionate person. I care about how others feel, I am loyal and I want to make others happy.

You might just need to bear with me at the moment whilst I sort myself out a little and take a little time to find my happy self again . . .


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