• Poorly boys and early mornings 1

    Poorly boys and early mornings

    How cute are this big-eyed duo?! Really cute, that’s how cute. But today, they don’t look like this, they look heavy-eyed, a bit pale and they have very snotty noses, a horrible cough and a raging temperature. For the last week or so I have been struggling with a horrid cold and now it would […]

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  • Feeling guilty

    I feel awful tonight, I feel guilty. My day started at 6.00am when I awoke to the sound of Beanie Boy choking or gagging.  Hubby and I both scrambled out of bed as quickly as possible and burst into his room to see him sitting up looking very hot and bothered.  He hadn’t been sick […]

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  • 073/366 – My poorly boy :(

    There’s nothing worse than one of your children being poorly is there? You feel so helpless, especially when they are of an age where they can’t tell you what hurts or how they are feeling. We have had a bug hanging around our house now for nearly two weeks, it started with Little Bean having […]

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  • Merry Christmas? Bring on the New Year!

    Well Christmas is over for another year, it’s hard to believe that Little Bean has now celebrated her 4th Xmas and Beanie Boy already his 2nd!! The run-up to Christmas was hectic to say the least, lots of rushing around and late nights so it came as no surprise that we were all full of […]

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  • A Mixed Bag and a First! 2

    A Mixed Bag and a First!

    Its been a funny couple of days, not funny ha ha, funny strange.  I caught up with a really good friend who I haven’t seen since before Christmas, had a good old bitch moan chat and generally put the world to rights.  I love getting together with her, we hadn’t seen each other for years […]

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