Reaching my Health Goals in 2020 with Sundose #ad

Health Goals

The nice thing about writing a blog and social media is being able to look back over old posts to see how you felt at a certain point in time.  As 2018 came to a close I was feeling pretty rubbish after fracturing my ankle which hindered my physical activity immensely.  I gained weight, lost … Read more

5 Quick Travel Workouts: Stay in Shape While Travelling

Stay In Shape

When travelling, fitness and exercise goals take a back seat, and it can be challenging to exercise. When travelling for fun, you overindulge in different delicacies and lazy around the hotel room. While on business travel, there is no time to work out as your day follows a specific schedule. Therefore, finding a combination of … Read more

Want to build lean muscles? Eat this!

Healthy colourful food

Why do most people fail to achieve the desired shape despite all their efforts in the gym? Exercise can indeed help shape your body the way you want. But without the support of nutrients, your goal will seem like a distant dream. To build lean muscles, besides proper physical activity, you will need a good … Read more

Postnatal Myth Busters by Hannah Barrett and Finola Burrell

Postnatal Myth Busters

As mums, we are surrounded by postpartum information and advice, and it can be so confusing to know what is actually true! Below physiotherapist Finola Burrell and Hannah Barrett of Yoga Girl London uncover five of these common postpartum myths. There’s more of these in our postnatal e-guide Strength Through Yoga that ensures a safe … Read more