5 Quick Travel Workouts: Stay in Shape While Travelling

When travelling, fitness and exercise goals take a back seat, and it can be challenging to exercise. When travelling for fun, you overindulge in different delicacies and lazy around the hotel room. While on business travel, there is no time to work out as your day follows a specific schedule. Therefore, finding a combination of workout exercises that fit the time and the need for each traveller is difficult.

There are several different exercises that will help retain your body figure. Maintaining healthy exercise habits not only improves your mental capabilities but also adjusts your immune system and adds to your life expectancy. At the same time, it prevents and protects the body from health risks ensuring your happiness and enjoyment of the vacation time.

These 5 quick travel workouts can help you stay in shape while travelling.

1. Bodyweight Exercises 

Bodyweight exercises aim at improving your metabolic rates. They enhance your cardiovascular health and above all, activate your whole body such that you remain active for hours. Besides, they increase weight loss through the burning of body fat. For many, they consider body exercises as routines achievable only in the gym.

However, here is how you can achieve your bodyweight exercise routines as you travel.

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Perform around 100 burpees as your routine in your hotel room or when out running. A burpee is a form of exercise that combines pushups, squats, and jumps. To perform one, you need to do a pushup, then transform the pushup to a squat and do a jump. Consider doing 100 repetitions of these routines. It will deliver the high-intensity workout routine essential for weight loss, maintaining body appearance, and enhancing muscle growth.

If unable to complete the routine, consider doing 50 pushups, 50 sit-ups, and 50 air squats if aiming to reach a high-intensity bodyweight training session and exercises. You can increase the repetitions to a hundred depending on the time you have in your hands. Make it fun and start from 50 or 100 going all the way to one.

2. Running through the City Trails

Running is a perfect way to work your entire body. If sightseeing the wall of china, it is advisable to go up the stairs and enjoy the different views it offers. Besides, it is not uncommon to find people running up the stairs even in your hotel room. Have fun with friends or travel companions and compete to see who reaches your hotel room first.

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Running not only enhances cardiovascular health but also improves on an individual’s endurance and strength levels. It offers you time to relax, enjoy the sceneries in different cities. As a result, your health improves tremendously. If aiming to lose weight or build some muscles, you may want to start running through your favourite tourist trail when travelling, such as the one in Flagstaff, Arizona.

However, if facing a medical condition such as water retention in your body and still want to run through the trail or up the stairs, you must pack your medication. Ask for a Triazide prescription before you start your journey. Also, remember, if dehydrated, take some water to replenish that which you are losing while working out, especially when running.

3. Do Some Squats 

The time at hand for doing your daily exercises can be highly limited, especially if you are travelling. You have to keep up with time, and sometimes, finding the right time to exercise can be challenging. Due to fatigue that results after a continuous journey, keeping up with a travel schedule, doing quick squats and press exercise might be your only option.

Squats help you gain lean muscles, help in burning fat, and enhance your levels of flexibility. The exercises improve your body balance and mobility by enhancing your bone health and strength. In addition, they improve your joint health, which enhances your posture and increases the speed of recovery in case of injuries.

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Consider going up to your hotel rooftop, enjoy the view as you watch the city lights. Review the hustle and bustle of the town while looking at the different city buildings during your 10 to 20 minutes squats and presses.

4. Enjoy Side Lunges and Glutes

As you continue with your travel plans, stay in shape by making some side lunges in the park or your room may help you achieve your workout needs. All you have to do to enjoy side lunges are:

  • Stand with your legs wide apart (shoulder apart).
  • Ensure that your toes direction is forward.
  • Start by shifting your entire body weight in one direction bending your other leg on the knees. Do so until the knee and the ground are a right angle (90 degrees).
  • Return to the centre and repeat the routine once again. Do repetitions as many times as possible. Ensure you feel the tension in your leg muscles or back when doing the method.
  • Add a glute by pressing your back behind, to do so, ensure you are standing legs apart for balance.

This type of workout accomplishes a thorough muscle resistance workout, especially on the legs. It improves body balance and individual stability. At the same time, it has your heart rate elevated, which enhances your heart health and blood flow.

5. Yoga Exercises

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Are you on a business trip that has you doing all kinds of work? It might be challenging to do a lot of cardio exercises after a long day of work. What you need is a relaxing yoga exercise that will work your entire body and help you stay in shape. You can do your yoga and meditation exercises anywhere and at any time.

All you have to do is find a quiet and comfortable environment, such as your room. Lay down your yoga mat, which is easy to pack and carry with you and start your routine. If the rug is unavailable, consider using a shawl.

Yoga relaxes your body, mind, and spirit, allowing you to release all of your worries for the day. Besides, it increases your awareness of the environment and in combination with other workouts, delivers better health balance, which boosts individual immunity.


These are simple workout routines that you can consider taking part in, during your extensive travels. Join tour groups running up the trails, do some yoga in your room, or do some lunges or squats on the roof as you enjoy the sights. All you have to do is let yourself engage in any workout of your choice using available resources to maximize your travel and exercise experience.

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