What should you pack in your gym bag?

So you have decided to join the gym, but what do you actually need to pack in your bag? I have been back at the gym now for about 2 years but prior to children, I used to go to the gym every day for about 4 years. I know what you need and what you don’t, this list will help you get it right from the start.

Gym Towel

Mizu Towel

If you’re working hard then you’ll be sweating so you’ll need a towel to wipe yourself down. A towel can also be rolled up when doing floor work to place under your neck or lower back to provide additional support. You can use them to sit on if you get particularly sweaty in the shorts or on your back.

The Mizu towel contains solvatochromic dye strips which change colour when they react with impurities. The towels are made with silver fibres which are known to fight bacteria growth.


Wireless Headphones

Whilst most gyms play music, I find it helps to have my own music to help me zone out of my surroundings and concentrate on my workout. I used to use wired headphones directly into my phone or iPod but found the wires really annoying as they would often get in the way. I now use wireless headphones and am much happier.

Water Bottle


It’s important to drink lots of water when you exercise to help flush out the toxins and put oxygen into your bloodstream. It also helps you to cool down after a strenuous workout. Everyone has a preference but I like the Camelbak bottles as they have a valve that can be taken off and cleaned or replaced. I can also drink from them without having to tip my head back which can make you lose your balance (perhaps that’s just me?) when I am trying to drink on the treadmill.

Resistance bands

Body Confidence

A good gym will provide most of the equipment that you will need to exercise but I like to carry some of my own smaller equipment so that I do not have to wait around for someone else to finish them. Resistance loop bands are a great way of changing up your routines in your bodyweight exercises.

Workout Gloves

Gym gloves

Depending on the type of workouts you plan to do at the gym you may want to consider a pair of workout gloves. I like to do a mixture of cardio, machines and free weights. I quickly found that using the machines and free weights would create callouses on my hands which can be sore and aren’t very pretty. Look for gloves with padded palms to protect your hands.

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