Mums beat Cheryl Cole & Kate Middleton as most positive role model for young girls

Dove Self esteem

Dove Self-Esteem Programme Working with Mums to help boost Self-Esteem among 11-17-year-olds According to new research commissioned by Dove, young girls are shunning female celebrities and looking to their mums as the most positive role models in their lives. Mums soar above the rest with 37% of the votes cast. In a not-so-close second place, … Read more

Maternity Dresses That Suit Your Changing Curves

Modern maternity dresses have come a long way from the traditional fashions of old. Today’s maternity styles are figure flattering, comfortable, and streamlined, making it easy for expectant mums to keep their fashion sense throughout pregnancy. The key to choosing a good maternity dress is finding a style that has plenty of room for you … Read more