• Be glamorous when breastfeeding this party season! 1

    Be glamorous when breastfeeding this party season!

    Jelly Bean really IS going to be my last baby, I promise BUT those pesky people at Babes with Babies don’t make life easy for you when you’re trying to nudge your way out of the baby years. When I was pregnant/breastfeeding Little Bean, I HATED maternity clothes, I always felt frumpy and completely unattractive. […]

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  • Breastfeeding clothing

    Babes with Babies Nautical Foxy Feeder

    Breastfeeding in public can be a difficult affair at times, often there’s lots of clothes juggling going on, or trying your hardest to get baby latched on whilst hiding them under a scarf or breastfeeding cover and then just when you think you have it all sorted baby decides to pull the cover out of […]

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  • Top breastfeeding dresses! 2

    Top breastfeeding dresses!

    As a breastfeeding Mum, it can be difficult to find clothes to match your usual style, you need to think about easy access to the milk machines and you need to be comfortable too. I never thought I would say this but one of the hardest things I find about adjusting my style for breastfeeding […]

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  • Genie Bra and Breast Cancer Care 4

    Genie Bra and Breast Cancer Care

    Before I became a Mum I didn’t really put much thought into my boobs other than whether they made a top/dress look good or not. I always loved to wear nice underwear but that was about it. Then when I first became pregnant I started to think about my body very differently, I realised that […]

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