• Postcard from . . . a walk in the fields

    For the first time since the snow a week ago I took Bramble for a walk across the fields. I try to change up our walks and go to different places so it keeps it interesting for Bramble and for me. As we walked across the fields I was surprised to come along this sight […]

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  • Surviving Snow Day School Closures (just)

    Today we are on Snow Day number 2 and have just been told that our schools will be closed tomorrow too. Obviously for the children this was met with many whoops of joy, for me it’s mixed emotions. I love the opportunity to spend more time with the children but working from home means that […]

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  • Snow Business 1

    Snow Business

    As The Snowman and The Snowdog flurries onto DVD and Blu-ray™ for the first time this winter, we take a look at the history of our cold companions American journalist Bob Eckstein is so intrigued by snowmen that he has devoted his life to becoming the world’s leading expert. Now to mark to launch of […]

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  • 021/365-2013 – Snow day activities 2

    021/365-2013 – Snow day activities

    Most of the local schools were closed today thanks to the heavy snowfall last night but Little Bean’s school was still open so she got to have lots of fun building snow castles and snowmen with her friends at school.  After a rather slippery drive and a long walk to Beanie Boy’s pre-school I was […]

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