Winter is coming and Mummy’s getting fat . . .

Ok, ok so I know I’m not exactly getting fat but I’m definitely getting bigger as Jelly Bean continues to grow stronger inside my rather football shaped tummy. It’s funny how each pregnancy produces a different shape, with Little Bean I could definitely have said ‘fat’ I was huge!!! With Beanie Boy I didn’t put on weight anywhere other than my bump but my bump did walk around the corner half an hour before me it was that pronounced. My Jelly Bean bump, I have to say is really quite cute! However, that in itself has caused me problems because the maternity clothes that I had managed to salvage from my previous two pregnancies don’t fit me, they are all too big and baggy so I’m having to start all over again.

Having been doing a bit of the old internet surfing for new maternity attire I have ended up at the tried and tested favourite, Next!

These are some of the items I am hoping will see me through the winter to the end of the my pregnancy with Jelly Bean . . .

Black lace maternity dress
Black lace maternity dress by mummymatters featuring zip boots

Lace is the big thing this winter and just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t be trendy. I’m thinking this dress would look great dressed up with some nice little party heals or dressed down with a pair of my much-loved black knee boots. It also has my favourite colour of the moment (purple) which just brightens it up a little. Then I would add a long necklace to add a bit of shape to the front to draw the eye down away from the rather ample bosom area!


2 thoughts on “Winter is coming and Mummy’s getting fat . . .”

  1. Hey, I really love the black dress, bet you’ll look fab in that. I had a couple of maternity skirts but i never managed to ‘pull it off’, they just looked horrible on me. I had some really pretty maternity stuff as I got married at 6 months pregnant so wanted some lovely honeymoon clothes! The only problem is, I’m still wearing some and my youngest is 2 just before Christmas! *must go on a diet!*

    • I remember staying in my maternity clothes for about 2 years after Little Bean too, trouble was they were so darn comfortable!! Christmas is coming, start the diet in the new year 😉

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