• Boy's Hugo Boss t-shirt

    Bargain spotting designer clothes for kids

    Kids, huh! Expensive little darlings that they are – always needing or wanting something, food, drinks, sweets, oh and the never-ending bill that is CLOTHES. Now, we are a family of 2 adults and four children so our clothes bill can be large, especially with older children, namely pre-teens and teenagers who “can only wear […]

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  • The best catalogues for children’s clothing

    Children’s clothing doesn’t have to be overly expensive if you know where and when to shop for it. In fact, there are many online catalogues which cater to kids, toddlers and newborns. As a parent you should visit these sites to find the latest clothing, the top styles and quality clothing for the most affordable […]

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  • Dressing the kids for winter

    It seems like yesterday that we were piling into the car ready for a day at the beach and doing those last double checks to make sure we’d remembered the sun cream, hats and other essentials to protect our youngsters from being transformed into miniature lobsters by the sun’s rays. Suddenly, Halloween has come and […]

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  • Models for a day: John Lewis Kids Range

    When you’re the child of a blogger, life can be a little strange. You get asked to do all manner of odd things, test this toy, go to that event where you might bump into people you have seen on the TV, attend this premiere or like my Beans last week, take your pick of […]

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  • Warm and Dry with Berghaus Kids at Blacks

    If there is one thing that we have learnt from our years of parenting, the choice of coat has the ability to make or break a family day out. We have bought the ‘fashion’ coats because the kids have nagged us and then on a day out it’s been tears and tantrums because they are […]

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