Bargain spotting designer clothes for kids

Boy's Hugo Boss t-shirt

Kids, huh! Expensive little darlings that they are – always needing or wanting something, food, drinks, sweets, oh and the never-ending bill that is CLOTHES. Now, we are a family of 2 adults and four children so our clothes bill can be large, especially with older children, namely pre-teens and teenagers who “can only wear … Read more

The best catalogues for children’s clothing

Children’s clothing doesn’t have to be overly expensive if you know where and when to shop for it. In fact, many online catalogues cater to kids, toddlers and newborns. As a parent, you should visit these sites to find the latest clothing, the top styles and quality clothing for the most affordable pricing. Vertbaudet Vertbaudet … Read more

Summer Holiday Crafts: Selfie Clothing

Selfie Clothing

The Summer holidays are in full swing, I love the lazy mornings and slower pace of life during the Summer. Not having to rush around means that you can take time to do more of the things that you love and for us, that means more time outdoors (if the weather allows) and more time … Read more