A Summer Safari at Pensthorpe Natural Park


Way back in 2012 when we were on holiday in Norfolk we had made plans to visit Pensthorpe but then our plans changed and we found that we didn’t have time to go. When we went back to Norfolk this Summer we made sure that Pensthorpe was one of the first places on our to-do … Read more

Summer Holidays 2014 – 18th to 21st August

Summer Holidays

We had a very busy weekend with Lollibop on Saturday and a family Christening on Sunday so Monday was all about chilling out at home doing nothing in particular. In the afternoon we had a visit from a lovely friend and her four children so that kept the Beans entertained for a while and gave … Read more

Lollibop came back with a bang!


Lollibop came back with a BANG this year! Last year I had invited friends to join us for the day and felt disappointed as it was a bit of a letdown, the venue just didn’t work and that seemed to be the general consensus for most people but thankfully Lollibop listened and didn’t just make … Read more

Summer Holidays 2014 – 11th to 17th August

Summer Holidays 2014 - 11th to 17th August 1

It’s the third week of the Summer Holidays already!! The weekend wasn’t kind to Little Bean with her chickenpox making her feel utterly miserable. She had spots in just about all the worst places imaginable and struggled to sleep because they were so sore and itchy. It’s such a horrible part of parenting not being … Read more

Hydration matters when you Go Ape Junior!

If you spotted my #OWIP post on Sunday evening then you might have guessed that our weekend began with a trip to Go Ape Junior Sherwood Pines. The last time we went to Go Ape, just Hubby and Curly acted like monkeys and went swinging through the trees but this time Little Bean and I … Read more

Am I prepared for camping with three little people?

Camping in September

The summer holidays are hurtling towards us at a rate of knots so as well as trying to get the most important pieces of work tied up before chaos ensues I am also making preparations for our holidays. The last time we went camping was in September 2009 when Little Bean was just 15 months … Read more