Summer Holidays 2014

Summer holidays – Day 2

Beanie Boy spent the day at Nanny and Grandads today so I got some of my final ‘must-do’ jobs finished and then had fun playing with this cute little chap.

Summer Holidays 2014

Beanie Boy had lots of fun there playing with their little dog Georgie and the cats Rupert and Rosie (although Rosie isn’t a massive fan of Beanie Boy since he grabbed her by the tail when she was a kitten). Beanie Boy feels very grown up when he goes to Nanny and Grandads as he goes for a walk to the paper shop with Nanny and Georgie then pops in the shop to buy the newspaper and sweets for himself, Little Bean and Jelly Bean whilst Nanny and Georgie wait outside.

Summer Holidays 2014

After collecting Little Bean from school we popped over to pick him up and to see Nanny and Grandad ourselves. Jelly Bean tried his hardest to play ball with Georgie but couldn’t understand why Georgie wouldn’t chase the ball (his crate door was locked). Poor Georgie was gutted as he was definitely up for playing!!

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