• Hello Hedrin, bye bye Head Lice + GIVEAWAY! 1

    Hello Hedrin, bye bye Head Lice + GIVEAWAY!

    Treat lice with Hedrin Once Hedrin Once is clinically proven to kill lice and eggs with just one 15 minute treatment[ii],[iii]. A thicker gel formulation which contains Penetrol®, to aid penetration into the louse egg, Hedrin Once has been awarded the esteemed ‘Stamp of Approval’ from Mumsnet after 250 parents gave it the all-round thumbs […]

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  • Fancy dress

    Fancy Dress for World Book Day

    Oh how times have changed since I was at school, the only time I remember wearing fancy dress costume at school was part of a school production. Since the Beans have been at school there seems to be a regular course of events for them to wear fancy dress costume and today is one such […]

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  • Why isn’t he sleeping? 2

    Why isn’t he sleeping?

    I don’t really feel like I should complain, I know there are others in worse positions but as I am sitting here trying to think about all the things I need to be doing, I can feel my eyelids with a ten tonne weight on them. Why? Because Beanie Boy seems to have taken a […]

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  • Beanie Boy’s next stage - he’ll be driving next! 3

    Beanie Boy’s next stage – he’ll be driving next!

    The last time I looked Beanie Boy was my cute little three year old with a heart as big as his smile but in the last couple of months since he potty trained himself he has grown up another three years I swear it! He is now “too big for baby forks” (and by that […]

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