• Black Friday

    The dangers of impulse buying on Black Friday

    Black Friday has turned itself into a huge public event; it’s so tempting to spend big in fear of missing a deal. However, we need to approach Black Friday and sales in general with an element of caution. Always ask yourself, is this best deal and do I really need to buy spend the money. […]

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  • Empire Cinemas


    Lendlease and Invesco Real Estate have announced that Empire Cinemas is to anchor the £60m extension of Queensgate, with the leading entertainment brand opening a ten-screen cinema, complete with IMAX® and Empire’s own large-format IMPACT® screens. The new cinema will boast the biggest screens, ultimate sound, a choice of luxury seating, including ‘comfort boosting’ double […]

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  • Magpas Charity Shop

    Charity Shop bargains and how to find them

    My Mum is the queen of bargain hunting in Charity Shops, she knows exactly where to look and what to look for. At one point I would say to her “ooh you look nice, where did you get that top/dress/coat” but I have learnt to stop asking because the answer is often “charity shop”. She […]

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  • The 5 best things to buy in January

    Christmas is already a distant memory and slowly but surely life is returning to ‘business as usual’. Our bank accounts are still aching from the constant battering they received in the run-up to Christmas and now we are at it again with the January sales. Have you ever actually stopped to think what are the […]

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  • Shopping on impulse

    10 Ways to Avoid Shopping on Impulse

    Guilty as charged!! Hello, my name is Sabina, I am 41 years old and I need to avoid shopping on impulse! An Impulse Buyer is someone who just has to buy something right there, right then. I can convince myself of a 100 different reasons why I NEED to buy that new top but then […]

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  • Avoid The Return Of Online Shopping

    Online fashion shopping has exploded over the last decade as our lifestyles have shifted up a gear and time has become a precious commodity. Shopping online for clothes and accessories definitely has benefits if you are time poor – you don’t even have to change out of your pyjamas – but it can also be […]

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  • Poundworld Plus

    Get bigger savings at Poundworld Plus

    On Friday Jelly Bean and I visited newly refurbished and renamed store, Poundworld Plus in Wisbech. It is the second Poundworld Plus to open following the Nottingham store in September. Poundworld Plus is part of the already successful Poundworld group but it’s more that just a ‘pound shop’. Approximately 75% of their products are priced […]

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  • #BootsBeauty

    Step inside Boots Emporium and discover the latest #BootsBeauty treats

    Boots, Queensgate after dark . . . As Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough was starting to turn off lights and pull down the shutters, one store was welcoming their VIP customers by invitation only to the unveiling of their special new shopping experience, Boots Emporium. We were greeted at the door with a choice of bubbly or pink […]

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