Fancy Dress for World Book Day

Oh how times have changed since I was at school, the only time I remember wearing fancy dress costume at school was part of a school production. Since the Beans have been at school there seems to be a regular course of events for them to wear fancy dress costume and today is one such day. We were celebrating World Book Day dressing up as Heroes and Villains, Jelly Bean didn’t have to dress up but then why should be miss out on the fun?

Fancy dress

Schools across the World will be celebrating World Book Day inviting the children and teachers to dress up as a character from their favourite book. Some parents are super organised and make their children’s costumes, I have managed to do this a couple of times, depending on how well you shop for supplies and how good your craft skills you can save money. Luckily for me, this year, Beanie Boy asked if he could go to school dressed as Harry Potter which is basically a school uniform with a cloak and we already have one of those in the dress-up box, then Daddy found him a piece of wood in the garage which we transformed into a wand and I had a pair of foam glasses in the craft box which I coloured with a black sharpie.

Fancy dress

Little Bean was going to be Alice in Wonderland but sadly I didn’t get organised in time and it was waiting for me on the doorstep when I got back from the school run this morning. Asda have a fantastic range of fancy dress costumes, I rarely get to go into our local Asda Living without one of the Beans asking for another costume for the dress-up box. They always have the latest children’s favourite film characters in a full range of sizes. Testament to their quality is that we are able to keep passing down the costumes from one Bean to the next although I can’t talk the boys into wearing Little Bean’s Princess dresses.

Fancy dress

Fancy dress is great for encouraging kid’s imagination and for increasing confidence because they get to be someone different in their costume. We have a large dressing up trunk in the playroom full of dressing up props and costumes plus Little Bean has her own in her bedroom. They will often delve in and create new scenarios to play together – even Curly still loves a costume. Actually, hold he press, so do Hubby and I too! If you can’t have fun as a family, then when can you?


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