Christmas Gift Guide for Young Children

Christmas Gift Guide

AD: Some items in this guide have been provided in exchange for inclusion in the guide. If you’re a little out of the loop when it comes to buying for your friend’s and relatives’ little ones, then we have a few ideas up our sleeves.  The Christmas Gift Guide for Young Children is aimed at … Read more

Brand Awareness Among Children: How Can Parents Select Educational Toys

What more would parents ask for if their child learns and develops good skills while playing? Learning through play is one of the most effective and popular means of teaching children important life skills. Unfortunately, nowadays toy stores seemed to be more focused on seeding brand awareness among children instead of providing children with a … Read more

Project Mc2 Doll with Experiment

Project Mc2

With the Project Mc2 Experiments with Dolls, you can perform an experiment at home again and again – just using household ingredients. Make your own Lava Lipgloss with McKeyla McAlister, create your own Gummies with Adrienne Attoms, make your own Light Up Earrings with Bryden Bandweth, design amazing Tie Dye with Camryn Coyle, or create Glitter … Read more