10 Non-Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas

Non-chocolate Easter Gift ideas

Easter is a time of celebration and joy, but it can be difficult to come up with creative gift ideas. While chocolate Easter eggs may be the traditional choice, there are plenty of non-chocolate gifts that can be just as meaningful and fun. With a bit of imagination, anything can become an Easter gift! 10 … Read more

The Beans’ first Qblogger challenge – Easter treat tasting!

#Qblogger Easter

I know what you’re thinking? Where’s the challenge in that? Well, in truth there was no challenge in at all. Last week, the Beans and I met up with fellow Qbloggers Jaymee and Natasha with their families at Peterborough Museum to see what the delightful retailers of Queensgate have to offer in the way of … Read more

Alternative Easter Gift: Playmobil Easter Bunny School No: 6173

Playmobil Easter

I know at Easter the traditional gift to give is chocolate but when you have a big family, your children can end up with LOADS of chocolate and whilst we would never NOT give chocolate at Easter, we do prefer to give our Beans just a little bit of chocolate and then a gift instead. … Read more

Hatch ‘n’ Heroes – the Easter Egg alternative

Hatch 'n' Heroes

When you have four children in the house you can stack up quite a mountain of chocolate over Easter and then if you add to that all the sweets they get given throughout the year at Birthdays, birthday parties, events, Halloween then it’s a whole load of sugar which I would rather not actually contemplate. … Read more