A chilly day at the park . . .


Now that Jelly Bean is that little bit older it’s nice to be able to take him to the park with Beanie Boy whilst Little Bean is at school and for him to be able to join in, instead of being stuck in the confines of the pushchair watching as Beanie Boy has fun. Last week we made the most of the sunshine whilst it was out and went to the park.


Beanie Boy had lots of fun playing and as usual amazed me by just how capable he is these days and doesn’t need Mummy to help him so much anymore. It makes me smile and weep in equal quantities, sad that my little boy is growing up so fast and yet proud of the gorgeous, adventurous and brave little man that he is fast becoming. I need to make the most of these days because from January he will be at preschool three full days a week and whilst I know that he will love it (I hate to admit it but I think he is getting a little fed up with my company) I will miss him because he is great company. I have really enjoyed my time spent at home with my beautiful boy but now it’s time for Jelly Bean to get some one-on-one time as Little Bean and Beanie Boy did. Being a stay at home Mum is much harder work than I ever imagined but it is amazing and I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity.

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