• Ferry Meadows

    Family fun at Ferry Meadows

    Last Sunday saw the Mummy Matters family head to Ferry Meadows for an afternoon of fresh air and frolics. As a family we love to get outside, its when the Beans are most certainly at their best; they need that opportunity to run free, to explore . It’s a little like the excitement when you […]

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  • #CountryKids

    We saw the stray seal . . .

    Our town made it onto the BBC news a couple of weeks ago when a Wild Seal was spotted swimming in the River not far from our home. One of the Mums from Little Bean’s class had heard about the Seal sightings and so armed with her camera she set off for a walk with […]

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  • Rutland Water

    Family fun and the power of chi . . .

    The sun was shining bright this morning so we decided to pile the Beans into the car and head over to Rutland for some outdoor family fun. We took their microscooters, put on our hats and gloves, snuggled Jelly Bean into his Xplory footmuff and set off on our way. Jelly Bean was delighted to […]

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  • Autumn

    Look what we found on our Autumn walk!

    I received a letter home from Beanie Boy’s new preschool asking if he could take in any little ‘treasures’ that he might find whilst out walking as they are talking about Autumn now. Well, we often go for a walk around our village and the Beans are always bringing something home with them so last […]

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  • Mummy Matters

    When the Beans met Buddy!

    Nanny and Grandad got their first puppy ‘George’ a few months ago. George is a Toy Poodle and he’s a very cute and fluffy little chap with LOADS of energy. He bounces about more than Zebedee and looks like black candy floss – I have a soft spot for him. Nanny and Grandad love We […]

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  • Summer Holidays 2014 - 11th to 17th August 1

    Summer Holidays 2014 – 11th to 17th August

    It’s the third week of the Summer Holidays already!! The weekend wasn’t kind to Little Bean with her chickenpox making her feel utterly miserable. She had spots in just about all the worst places imaginable and struggled to sleep because they were so sore and itchy. It’s such a horrible part of parenting not being […]

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