• Fairy Garden

    Interplay Indoor Fairy Garden

    Little Bean is very much a girly girl, she loves all things pink, sparkly, fluffy and floaty so I knew the Interplay Indoor Fairy Garden would be right up her street. It arrived just before we set off for our holiday in Menorca and thanks to the house being upside down with builders so it’s […]

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  • Anna’s Hope – Big Fairy Picnic in the Park 1

    Anna’s Hope – Big Fairy Picnic in the Park

    Yesterday we had a really fun day out and it was mainly just the girls (Jelly Bean gatecrashed) as we went to the Big Fairy Picnic in the Park at Burghley House. The Big Fairy Picnic is a fundraising event for the charity Anna’s Hope. Anna’s Hope was inspired by Anna Hughes who died from […]

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  • Is this really the same girl? 2

    Is this really the same girl?

    This really shows Little Bean to a ‘T’. I have always joked that with Little Bean I have twins all rolled up in one little girl, she was born on 6th June 2008 which makes her a Gemini. On the one hand she is a real ‘sport Billy’ she loved to be outside and active, […]

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  • An interview with a Disney Fairy: Angellica Bell 3

    An interview with a Disney Fairy: Angellica Bell

    Well it certainly beats an Interview with a Vampire!! One cold but sunny Sunday morning a few weeks ago, Hubby, Little Bean, Beanie Boy and I set off on our journey to St Albans in search of Heartwood Forest where we would be meeting up with TV Presenter and new Mum, Angellica Bell. Angellica was […]

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  • Little Bean gets a big girls bed!

    For some time now I’ve been wanting to get Little Bean a proper big girls bed and when I asked her what sort of bed she wanted, she only had one proviso “one that I have to climb a ladder to go to bed”. Now as much as I would like to spend £400 on […]

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  • 020/366 – Crystals and Fairies

    This crystal hangs in the window of Beanie Boy’s bedroom and has done since he was born, Little Bean had one in her bedroom from when she was born too as they both had rooms that faced the sunshine. On a sunny day when they lay in their cots, I would spin the crystal so […]

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