October Half Term 2013 – Thursday

Mummy Matters

Hubby went back to work for the day today but dare I say it, we didn’t miss him. Now that’s not being mean, we had already made plans to spend the day with our friends MumtoC and MasterC. When Little Bean got dressed this morning I had to laugh as she reached for her pink hat, I posted the photo on my Facebook page and a friend said she looked like she was ready to head off to Glastonbury, I think they got that spot on. Sometimes it’s hard to believe she is only 5 years old, she looks so grown up sometimes.


I had one of those moments this morning when you suddenly realise that the house is very quiet and become mighty suspicious. As I walked into Little Bean’s bedroom expecting to see dress-up carnage and toys everywhere I was instead greeted by this gorgeous image of my tiddlers sitting together so nicely reading books. I felt quite bad for thinking they would be up to no good – I kid you not, they stayed sitting reading like this for another half an hour until MumtoC arrived.

Springfields Spalding

After lunch we popped over to one of our favourite haunts, Springfields so that the children could run around and let off some steam. It was such a beautiful day we didn’t need our coats and the colours were amazing I couldn’t resist getting out my camera phone and snapping away. As the children stood watching the fish in the water they also noticed someone else who had a keen eye on the fish. We watched the heron for a while thinking he was about to strike but he got fed up first and walked off.

Today was a really good day!

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