• #CountryKids

    We saw the stray seal . . .

    Our town made it onto the BBC news a couple of weeks ago when a Wild Seal was spotted swimming in the River not far from our home. One of the Mums from Little Bean’s class had heard about the Seal sightings and so armed with her camera she set off for a walk with […]

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  • A breath of fresh air . . . 1

    A breath of fresh air . . .

    As the winter months settle in it can be easy as a stay-at-home Mum to get stuck into a rut of shooting home after the school run and locking ourselves away in the warmth of home for the day but this week when we ran out of Beanie Boy’s favourite biscuits I stopped in my […]

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  • Kiddy Click n Move 3

    Review: Kiddy Click’n Move3

    A few weeks ago I attended a meeting with only Jelly Bean in tow, he was travelling in his Kiddy Click‘n Move3 with the carrycot attached. The person who was I was meeting asked me what I thought about the new Kiddy travel system, but before I could answer they said “well there’s no point […]

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  • Kiddy City 'n' Move

    Kiddy City ‘n’ Move Stroller Review

    Since September Beanie Boy has had a new mode of transport in the form of the Kiddy City ‘n’ Move Stroller. As a general rule I am not a big fan of umbrella strollers, I find they are more functional than fashionable and for the most part quite flimsy but the City ‘n’ Move is […]

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  • My Kiddy Advertisement

    Some time ago I, along with the other Kiddy Ambassadors was challenged with creating an advert for Kiddy. This could be as adventurous as a video or as simple as a child’s drawing but they wanted us to focus on what we feel are the important functions of a Kiddy car seat. I have now […]

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