• Jelly Bean’s First Christmas Party – Playgroup 4

    Jelly Bean’s First Christmas Party – Playgroup

    Yesterday saw another ‘first’ for Jelly Bean. Along with Beanie Boy he attended his First Christmas Party at our local playgroup. As you can see from the pictures, he revelled in the attention from the older children and they clearly love him too. He loved sliding his way around the floor and chasing the various […]

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  • My little boy is growing up 5

    My little boy is growing up

    You blink for one second and you’re children are all grown up! Since Jelly Bean has come along I have noticed the changes in Beanie Boy. He is still my little cutie, a very loving little boy but I’m seeing him in a different light now, he’s growing up. Being the baby of the family […]

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  • brothers

    “Mummy, why do we have a baby?”

    I am getting asked this question on an almost daily basis since Albie came along. I think Ollie is struggling a little at the moment finding his place since his baby brother arrived. His question keeps echoing in my head though so this morning I decided to fully answer his question. This is why we […]

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  • Lessons from big ‘Bro’ 6

    Lessons from big ‘Bro’

    Curly and Little Bean have a rollercoaster relationship, they either get on really well or they fight like cat and dog. They both love each other but their age difference of 6 years sometimes causes problems because Little Bean wants to do everything that ‘Bro’ is doing, she wants to follow him everywhere and play […]

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