My little boy is growing up

You blink for one second and you’re children are all grown up! Since Jelly Bean has come along I have noticed the changes in Beanie Boy. He is still my little cutie, a very loving little boy but I’m seeing him in a different light now, he’s growing up. Being the baby of the family before Jelly Bean he was very much a Mummy’s boy. He followed Little Bean around like a shadow and generally drove her crazy but in their own way they love each other loads. One thing I am sure of is that no matter how much they fall out, they would be there to protect each other come what may.

My Beans

The day that Jelly Bean was born, Beanie Boy became a ‘big brother’ and I love to watch him with Jelly Bean. At some point every single day he asks me if he can have a cuddle with Jelly Bean and you can see the joy and love in his eyes when he looks at him. This is when I see just how similar Little Bean and Beanie Boy really are. Little Bean is a mini-Mummy, she loves babies and children, she loves to care for them and is always looking after her own ‘babies’ but this is a side to Beanie Boy that I haven’t had the opportunity to witness before and I love it. It has made me love him in a completely new way.

Yes I have had the times where he has frightened the life out of me when he has tried to lift him by himself but he assures me this won’t happen again. He is very attentive to his needs and never leaves his side for long when we are at home. He always makes sure that he kisses him before he goes to bed or if he is going to pre-school and he asks me at least once a week “when is Jelly Bean going to sleep in my room?”

Mini Micro Scooter

Today, I saw my little boy growing up just a little bit more. He asked me to change his scooter into a ‘big boy scooter’ and was over the moon when I collected him from pre-school with it. I nearly had to run to catch him up! I guess this is the start of things to come, from here on in my little man is going to be growing and changing at a rate of knots but I will love him even more at every stage!

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