Tips for introducing a new baby to older siblings

Tips for introducing a new baby to older siblings 1

With the imminent arrival of Royal Baby Number two for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge I’ve been asked by baby brand Johnson’s for my top tips on introducing a new baby to older siblings after they carried out research of UK parents for their top tips for settling into life with as a family … Read more

Baby Annabell Rock-a-bye Baby

Baby Annabell

And so it begins, the hunt for Christmas presents is on with only just over 10 weeks to go until the big guy hops into his sleigh! The Beans are already getting excited about Christmas and have started collecting catalogues in the shops we visit so that they can start cutting out pictures of the … Read more

Stokke Crusi with sibling seat saved my sanity!

Stokke Crusi with sibling seat saved my sanity! 4

I have loved my Stokke Xplory forever, it has travelled everywhere with Beanie Boy and I. There was one problem with it when Jelly Bean came along though, there was nowhere for Beanie Boy. He is 2 years old now and although he does love to walk, he still gets tired easily and will often … Read more

037/365-2103 – Home

037/365-2103 – Home 5

Waking up at home this morning was lovely, I had missed how Little Bean and Beanie Boy would wake me up each morning with a kiss and a cuddle. This morning they were so excited to have us home and wanted to give their baby brother a big kiss and cuddle too. Look at how … Read more

038/365-2013 – Jelly Bean’s first outing

038/365-2013 – Jelly Bean’s first outing 6

Hubby has been on holiday with us this week to spend time getting to know Jelly Bean and to help me out at home. Today we decided that we wanted to get out of the house and just go for a walk somewhere but we forgot how time consuming it can be with a newborn … Read more

010/365-2013 – The final countdown!!

010/365-2013 – The final countdown!! 8

For the last few weeks the tiddlers have been excitedly asking me and Hubby most days “when is Jelly Bean going to come?”. When you’re talking to a 2 and 4 year old it can be quite difficult to explain about due dates and babies coming early/late. Then we struck upon an idea! In the … Read more