• Jelly Bean’s First Christmas Party – Playgroup 1

    Jelly Bean’s First Christmas Party – Playgroup

    Yesterday saw another ‘first’ for Jelly Bean. Along with Beanie Boy he attended his First Christmas Party at our local playgroup. As you can see from the pictures, he revelled in the attention from the older children and they clearly love him too. He loved sliding his way around the floor and chasing the various […]

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  • Christmas Fun at Playgroup for Beanie Boy 2

    Christmas Fun at Playgroup for Beanie Boy

    As I arrived at Playgroup with Beanie Boy this morning it occurred to me that this was to be his first Christmas party without Little Bean there to rely on. Did this bother him? Did it heck, he loved all the attention he received from the ladies, one flash of his big brown eyes and […]

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  • Do you follow your child around at Playgroup?

    On a Tuesday morning I take Beanie Boy to a playgroup which I have been attending since Little Bean was a toddler. Obviously when then were both just starting to toddle I would follow them around and keep them entertained but once they were steady on their feet I tended to let them just get […]

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  • 031/366 – Future career as a pilot?

    This was my little man this morning at playgroup, he pretty much always gravitates towards this table and today his toy of choice was the aeroplane. He was determined that it was going to go under all of the bridges but because of the wingspan he had to keep tipping it on its side. I’m […]

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  • Countdown to Christmas-Day 7

    This morning was Beanie Boy’s official 1st Christmas Party, and he loved it! I know what you’re thinking, “he’s 11 weeks old; how can he love a Christmas party,” but seriously, he did.

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