• Royal Albert Hall

    An open letter to the lady at The Royal Albert Hall xx

    The first I knew of your existence was when I heard your young daughter’s screams as I walked with my children down the stairwell to the toilets following The Great Orchestral Adventure. The next thing I knew your daughter (I assume she was your daughter) had thrown herself across the floor and was flailing her […]

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  • Sure Start Children's Centre

    Accessible Parenting Advice

    Before becoming a parent I’m pretty sure most of us looked at it with rose-tinted glasses. When you first see those blue lines on the pregnancy test the only thing you think about is that cute little bundle of love that you will be holding in your arms. You don’t tend to think ahead to […]

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  • grow up

    When did we grow up?

    As a parent do you ever find yourself watching your children and seeing a glimpse of your former self? When you see them walking on walls, jumping in puddles or skipping down the street? Do you ever hear yourself saying “get off that wall”, “get out of those puddles you’ll wreck your shoes” or “just […]

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  • Half term

    Thank goodness half term is over!

    I am never normally one to be thankful for the Bean’s returning to school *dashes off to check previous posts* because I look forward to the school holidays and getting my Beans back, planning fun things to do and spending lots of quality time together so this half term holiday was no different. My Mum […]

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  • The Baby Show

    October half term 2014 – the camera can lie!

    I wonder how you read a post? Do you look through the photographs and then read it, do you read and look at the photographs as you go along? The reason I am pondering this is because if you were to look through my photographs first, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they show happy […]

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