• carpet picnic

    Carpet Picnic and Movie Treat

    For the past couple of weeks I have been trialling a new Reward System with the Beans in an effort to encourage more favorable behavior from them. Initially it worked perfectly but last week was pretty much a write-off as they didn’t seem interested in even trying to move forwards on their charts. All of […]

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  • Organise your life with FAN: Full Adhesive Post-It Notes 1

    Organise your life with FAN: Full Adhesive Post-It Notes

    Post-It Notes have long been a favourite in the workplace and at home, they are just so flipping useful! But there’s always space for something a bit different isn’t there?! Well now Post-It have launched FAN known as Full Adhesive Notes which means the whole note will adhere to a clean, sound surface such as […]

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  • 097/366 – Reward charts work!

    For a little while now we have been struggling with Little Bean’s behaviour, she’s not overly naughty she just chooses not to listen to instruction, she whinges and she can be an argumentative little so and so when it comes to playing nicely with her brothers so after talking to various parents we decided to […]

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  • 076/365 – Green Fingers

    Little Bean asks me every night after school if my trees need watering. Whenever she has a sleepover at Nanna’s house she will water her plants for her so next week Little Bean is working towards her own pot garden on her reward chart. She is very excited at the idea of growing her own […]

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