On the Clock – 6 Easy Tips to Help You Cook Faster

You race through the door to get dinner organised after a long day at work. The kids are tired and ratty, your partner’s getting impatient and hangry… what do you do first? Reach for the takeaway menus? Pull out the soggy, tasteless microwave meal? Don’t do it! Steer clear of over-priced, over-salted and bland options. … Read more

Have I failed my children? {Poor eating habits}


I was talking to my Mum last night about how hard I am finding mealtimes with the Beans at the moment. Heck, not even at the moment, I’ve struggled with mealtimes for years. History For those of you who aren’t familiar with the history of my blog and the troubles we have faced with Little … Read more

#PizzaExpressFamily Treat Night for the Beans


I couldn’t begin to guess how many times we have been to Pizza Express with the Beans but I can definitely tell you it’s our family’s favourite place to eat. Jelly Bean is only 3 years old but already he knows the Pizza Express sign and will point it out excitedly when we visit a … Read more

Meals made easy with Riverford Veg Boxes


I’ve often heard of other people who buy in vegetable boxes and I think it’s a great idea for a healthier lifestyle if you’re a ‘foodie’ and know what to do with stuff but I’m not a foodie. I like food but I’m not often inspired by it so if I received a random box … Read more

Carpet Picnic and Movie Treat

carpet picnic

For the past couple of weeks I have been trialling a new Reward System with the Beans in an effort to encourage more favorable behavior from them. Initially it worked perfectly but last week was pretty much a write-off as they didn’t seem interested in even trying to move forwards on their charts. All of … Read more