• carpet picnic

    Carpet Picnic and Movie Treat

    For the past couple of weeks I have been trialling a new Reward System with the Beans in an effort to encourage more favorable behavior from them. Initially it worked perfectly but last week was pretty much a write-off as they didn’t seem interested in even trying to move forwards on their charts. All of […]

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  • The den that rescued the playdate! 1

    The den that rescued the playdate!

    Up until now Little Bean’s playdates have been pretty successful. She hasn’t had loads of them as I have either been heavily pregnant or with a new baby since Little Bean started at school but I had tried to invite friends as and when I can for her because I do worry that she isn’t […]

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  • A lesson taught? 3

    A lesson taught?

    After school pick-up I needed to pop to the supermarket to collect a few bits for the children’s tea. As usual the tiddlers weren’t behaving impeccably (when will I ever learn to go to the supermarket whilst they aren’t with me???) so when we finally made it to the cashiers I told the tiddlers to […]

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  • Review: Why Did Nobody Tell Me . . . . 4

    Review: Why Did Nobody Tell Me . . . .

    Parenting can be a complete minefield, just when you think you’ve got it sussed something else crops up to throw you off track. I was a Girl Guide, so I always try to ‘be prepared’ and for parenthood that meant reading all of the books that people tell you to read, Gina Ford (she went […]

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  • How do you handle your overtired youngsters? 6

    How do you handle your overtired youngsters?

    Since Little Bean has started school we have really struggled with how tired she has become and sadly that means that we have struggled with her behaviour too. I am so proud of the way that Little Bean has settled into school, to say that she only knew one other boy it hasn’t upset her […]

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